Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agricultural Economics

Major Professor

Charles L. Cleland

Committee Members

Merton B. Badenhop, David W. Brown


Rural low-income people as a rule have had a low level of education. Although it is generally believed that educa-tion is an indispensable means for improving quality of living; and in spite of the large number of educational institutions of various levels that exist, rural low-income people still do have a low level of education. The specific objective of this study is to determine the attitude that exists toward education as a means of improved quality of living among selected rural low-income people, irrespective of geographical location. The principal source of data is Regional Project S-61, dealing with Human Resource Development and Mobility in the Rural South. The project was carried out in 1966 in selected counties of Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. Responses from 907 households were tabulated in the survey. Data for this study were extracted from the survey data and summarized. The conclusions indicated that prevailing character-istics of age, income, and institutional environment of the people concerned rather than geographical conditions, were largely responsible for the attitude of these rural low-income people toward education as a means to an improved quality of living. The findings were not considered con-clusive and suggestions were made for further researches.

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