Masters Theses


Gary E. Day

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences

Major Professor

Fred L. Allen

Committee Members

V. H. Reich, M. J. Constantin


In the summer of 1978 crosses were made between maintainer lines of ms1 and ms2 and a soybean mutant of D68-127 segregating for sterility. D68-127 originated from the cross Dyer/Bragg. Sterile mutants of D68-127 resulted from treatment of seed with the mutagenic agents diethyl sulfate and fission neutrons.

F1 plants were grown in the greenhouse during the winter of 1978-79 and F2 populations were grown in the field during the summer of 1979. Near maturity, all plants were classified on the basis of phenotype as being fertile or sterile.

The objective of this study was to test the hypothesis that the sterility mutant of D68-127 is a male-sterile mutant conditioned by a single gene, either ms1 or ms2. Based on the results obtained it appears that the gene involved in the sterility of D68-127 is a single recessive gene and that it is male-sterile. The F2 segregation data best support ms1 as being the gene involved in the sterility of D68-127. However, the possibility of ms2 or other ms genes could not be ruled out. Sterile plants, or those remaining green at maturity, of ms1, ms2 and D68-127 mutant produced variable amounts of viable pollen which resulted in seed production in many instances indicating that none of the genes provided complete male-sterility.

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