Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Food Science and Technology

Major Professor

J. L. Collins

Committee Members

I. E. McCarty, H. O. Jaynes


Objectives of this study were twofold: (a) development of a new form of sweet potato product referred to as sweet potato rounds? and (b) evaluation of samples for quality attributes including sensory, chemical, physical, and caloric content.

Sensory panels consisting of 15 university staff and students of food-oriented departments showed some preference for samples prepared in each of the three methods of final preparation: microwave heating, conventional heating and deep-frying. However, samples finished by deep frying were most preferred and samples finished in a microwave oven were least preferred.

Proximate composition showed that deep-fried samples had the highest amount of absorbed oil; consequently, these samples contained the highest caloric content when compared to the samples finished in a microwave or conventional oven and deep-fried commercially prepared white potato rounds.

Hunter color measurements showed that deep-fried samples were lightest and retained most of their characteristic orange-yellow color.

Conventionally-heated and microwave-heated samples were darker and lost some of their natural orange-yellow color. However, small differences existed between samples finished in the two types of ovens. Instron firmness values showed that conventionally-heated samples were firmer than the microwave-heated samples. No comparison was made between samples that were deep-fried or finished by heating in the ovens.

However, absolute values showed that deep-fried samples had comparable firmness values as those of conventionally-heated samples.

This study shows that acceptable sweet potato rounds can be prepared either by conventional methods using a conventional oven and a deep fryer or by a more convenient but least preferred method using a microwave oven.

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