Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Science

Major Professor

Frank B. Masincupp

Committee Members

E. R. Lidvall, J. G. O'Neal


Data were collected on twenty-four sows and litters from the October, 1978, farrowing at The University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station (Blount Farm), Knoxville, Tennessee, to determine the effects of various anthelmintics (Atgard, Banminth, Tramisol) administered to pigs raised in confinement and on pasture.

At day 21 post farrowing, one-half of the sows and litters were moved to acre lots on the pasture treatment and the sows and litters on the confinement treatment remained in the farrowing crates. All litters were weaned at 7 weeks of age. The pasture reared pigs remained on pasture and the confinement reared pigs were moved to a pole-type, confinement feeding bam. The pasture reared pigs were moved to the feeding barn at an average body weight of 75 pounds. All pigs were fed until they reached an average market weight of 230 pounds.

There was no measurable difference between treatments on weaning weights. However, a significant difference (P < .05) was observed in pig weaning weights due to location with pasture reared pigs weighing 31.52 vs. 25.88 pounds for pigs raised in confinement. Pasture reared pigs gained more rapidly than the confinement reared pigs (1.50 vs. 1.43) but this was found to be non-significant. Treatment revealed no significant difference among weaning weights.

No significant differences were noted among treatments on final feed efficiency. However, pasture-reared pigs had a significantly (P < .01) lower feed efficiency than those raised in confinement (3.08 vs. 3.37).

Total worm egg counts were not significantly different among treatments. However, there were significantly (P < .05) more worm eggs in the pasture reared pigs, than in the confinement reared pigs.

Liver scores revealed no significant difference among treatments and location.

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