Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Ronald L. Hay

Committee Members

Edward R. Buckner, Edward E. Schilling


Nursery production of white pine seedlings that are suitable for outplanting requires 2 years. Greenhouse containerized culture of white pine seedlings accomplishes the same goal in less than 1 year. In this study, white pine seedlings were grown for 7 and 11 months in the following greenhouse environments: 1. 24-hour photoperiod, enriched C02, 2. 24-hour photoperiod, ambient C02, 3. natural photoperiod, enriched C02, and 4. natural photoperiod, ambient C02, All seedlings received maintenance fertilization and one half received foliar topdressing. All seedlings were inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius spores. Seedling height, root collar diameter, fresh top and root weights, and dry top and root weights were recorded. Mycorrhizae formation was noted. Significantly greater root collar diameter and biomass resulted from the 24-hour photoperiod and enriched C02 treatments; however, these same treatments reduced height growth. Seedlings receiving maintenance fertilizer plus topdressing had greater top weights. Significantly greater height, root collar diameter, root weight, and root/shoot ratio were obtained using only the maintenance fertilizer. The environment which resulted in the largest greenhouse-grown seedlings was the 24-hour photoperiod, enriched C02 level, and maintenance fertilizer. Seven-month- old containerized seedlings and 2-0 nursery bare-root seedlings were outplanted. Survival, height, new growth, root collar diameter. n and competing vegetation were measured during the first and second season Although the 2-year nursery-grown seedlings maintained greater growth after outplanting than the containerized seedlings, their survival was significantly lower. Natural photoperiod, ambient C02 greenhouse treatment seedlings had the highest survival, while seedlings grown under the 24-hour photoperiod, ambient C02 treatments had the greatest height and root collar diameter growth.

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