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Master of Science



Major Professor

Shane Foister

Committee Members

David C. Baker, Zi-ling (Ben) Xue


Selective epigenetic control of the cellular machinery is a grail of drug development. The balance between HAT’s and HDAC’s activities is one way the cell controls what, and at when during the cellular lifecycle a gene is expressed. Having the ability to lock chromatin down to the histone is a powerful tool for the treatment of disease states like cancer. Presented here is a preliminary exploration of the synthesis, and basic testing of novel compounds that use a triazole motif as a zinc binding group in an attempt to gain further selectivity in inhibition over HDAC’s.

Interest in the development of organic ligands to promote a metals activity as a catalyst is a broad, important field within organic chemistry. The synthesis of select bidentate 1,2,4-triazole- based ligands was carried out with the intent to study and to direct their catalytic activities once bound to a transition-metal center.

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Chemistry Commons