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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Suresh Babu

Committee Members

Brett Compton, Senghua Shin


Rising global temperatures and more frequent extreme weather events as a result of climate change have caused countries to tighten sources of emissions from all sectors, most notably in transportation. Regulations, in the form of fuel economy mandates and removal of internal combustion engine vehicles from city centers, have forced automotive companies to increase the efficiency of the powertrains in the products they sell to consumers. In seeking higher efficiencies – whether for internal combustion engines or in fully electrified powertrains – automotive companies are demanding more from the materials they use. Alloying, as in other industries, has been relied on to deliver new levels of performance; however, the incremental improvements from alloying often trail the rate of technological progress desired. Hybrid materials – a class of materials that are a combination of 2 or more monolithic materials to form one single “material” – offer an opportunity to hasten the time to achieve a collection of properties desired. In combustion applications, mechanical performance and heat transfer are critical to the overall powertrain efficiency. Despite the knowledge of hybrid materials, there exist few design tools and parameters to use hybrid materials in applications where mechanical performance and heat transfer are critical.The study aims to build new design rules in mechanical performance and heat transfer of an interpenetrating hybrid material. These rules will include sensitivity to geometric configuration and coherency in bonding along with existing understanding of material combinations.


Portions of this document were previously published in the Journal of Materials and Design, the section has been marked as such with accompanying information of the contribution from the student.

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