Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Jindong Tan

Committee Members

William R. Hamel, Caleb Rucker


More and more patients and surgeons have switched from open surgery to minimally invasive surgery over these years. This exciting advancement has brought massive benefits to patients. Researchers and institutions have proposed robot assisted surgery which combines the advantage of developed robot system and human experience. This thesis reviews state of the art in this area and analyze some advanced surgical instrument for single incision laparoscopic instrument, then propose a design of robotic instrument for single incision laparoscopic surgery which can be integrated with collaborative robot manipulator to construct a surgical robot system.Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) has its own features and advantages compare to other minimally invasive surgery techniques which also lead to special design requirements for SILS instruments, among which increased flexibility compare to multi-incision surgery instruments is an important part. So we want to design a robotic surgical instrument that has increased flexibility compare to traditional instruments for other MIS techniques. As a laparoscopic robotic instrument compactness and light weight are also our considerations.Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) inserts multiple instruments and laparoscopes through a single trocar which reduces trauma. But this improvement for patients caused difficulty in operation because of instruments triangulation, laparoscope field-of-view, etc. That brings up our challenges in designing a robotic instruments. Designing a highly flexible robotic instrument that provides sufficient workspace and good triangulation in order to relieve the difficulties introduced by narrow instrument trocars.We want to implement a highly recognized surgical instrument with a designed robotic instrument actuation pack. These two parts compose a robotic surgical instrument for single incision laparoscopic surgery. And we want to analyze the performance and viability of our design approach for SILS application.

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