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Master of Architecture

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Dr. William Rudd

Committee Members

Dr. Gregor Kalas, Dr. Mary English, Marcia Goldenstein


This thesis provides the theoretic framework along with the research into site, program and precedent to support a design proposal for Arrowmont at Loghaven. The goal was to show that spatial organization that both differentiates and unites opposites can be a catalyst for personal and cultural development. The methodology of Christian Norberg-Schulz’s structure of space was used to explore the dynamic tension that enlivens architecture at various levels. The thesis explores the hypothesis that relationships that are created by a process of integration, can bring balance, and therefore health, to the individual, the community and the culture. The final design proposal of Arrowmont at Loghaven demonstrates that this method of integrated spatial composition can be the basis of an architecture that supports personal and social development. Extensive site analysis on Loghaven property in Knoxville TN was the basis for an integrated conservation and development plan for the entire 100 acre parcel, as well as yielding recommendations for the acquisition of adjacent properties. Program analysis on the existing Arrowmont School in Gatlingburg TN, as well as three other arts and craft schools served as the basis for the planning of the overall campus site. The work of Frank Lloyd Wright serves as the precedent for a way to balance spatial opposites, illustrating a healthy nature/culture dynamic. The architectural design of the central complex of community buildings was based on Wright’s concept of organic architecture, and is illustrated with plans, sections, axonometric renderings, photos of models, and perspectives. The conclusion of this thesis investigation resulted in an integrated plan and design that balances the need to protect the conservation values of the property, while providing a framework for development and architectural intervention. Therefore, the resulting architectural dynamic, at all levels of spatial composition described in the theoretic portions of the thesis, supports healthy development in individuals and the culture of Arrowmont at Loghaven.

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