Masters Theses

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Master of Architecture



Major Professor

Thomas M. Stanley

Committee Members

James Rose, Jason Young


As architects we are fundamentally forced to make arguments within the physical realm. However since mid 1990’s the world has become more and more reliant upon the digital. Now in 2017 it is the way we voice public opinion, shop, visit with our friends and much more. This digital space has taken over, and while humanity would more than survive without this modern technology, it continues design our world around it. This architecture project glimpses into the future of how we as architects are continually dealing with this new infrastructural space. While many projects have played architecture as the victim, the intent of this project is not to look down and say “this will kill that.” Instead this project acknowledges current modes architectural technologies in this realm and pushes further to start a dialogue on how we as architects can and will be involved in this digital space.

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Architecture Commons