Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture



Major Professor

Mark Stanley

Committee Members

Jason Young, Avigail Sachs


existence occurs in a spatial assembly of multiple scalar experiences that is intensified and brought to perception by the exponential advancement of a virtual extension.

the physical realm that human cognition experiences acts as a bound container influenced by natural law and trusted forces. the virtual realm exists as a medium through which linkages are made that suppose unseen law, forces, and connections. the human existence experiences an interface between the multiplicities of the physical and the virtual. as technologies advance exponentially the recognition of a multiple temporality is intensified by digital networks and spatial extensions. the trusting of physical bounds is skewed at possible specific moments and seeks to create a new nature of spatial assemblage.

this spatial assembly occurs across multiple strata of scales and ranges. a new spatial extension questions the influence of experiences towards the factors of existence including politics, economy, and culture. does the recognition of an extended spatial assembly across scales through a virtual realm anticipate a future trajectory for the discipline of architectural practice?

logistical bodies of fulfillment speculates on the provocations of a new spatial extension intensified by a virtual existence. this speculation seeks provocations on the notions of bodily engagement and fulfillment through the logistical sequences of assemblage across multiple strata of scales.

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