Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Don Dareing

Committee Members

William R. Hemel


Micro cantilever beams are used extensively in experimental nanomechanics. They were initially used as an integral component in atomic force microscopes (AFM) to map surfaces or objects with micro, nano, or even atomic precision. Recently, micro cantilever sensors are being studied for possible use in determining bio/chemical agents under a variety of military and homeland security conditions. The key here is to identify the absorbed agent in terms of cantilever deflections, whether static or dynamic. Micro cantilevers are also being studied for possible use in micro/nano engines. In this case, micro particles impact micro cantilevers as a result of Brownian motion causing the cantilevers to vibrate. Kinetic energy associated with these vibrations is converted into electrical energy. Typically, only the first mode of vibration has been considered. However, higher modes may convey additional information and energy. This study gives the dynamic response of micro cantilever in terms of the responses of each accumulate natural mode of vibration.

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