Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Recreation and Leisure Studies

Major Professor

Steven N. Waller

Committee Members

Gene A. Hayes, Fritz G. Polite


The purpose of this study was to gain an insight into how perceptions of being part of the hip-hop culture affect leisure and its constructs. Defining leisure and its constructs remains a perpetual task of leisure researchers (Berryman, 2000). The emergence of Hip-Hop culture as a major global phenomenon and lifestyle for youth has drawn the attention of scholars across disciplines (Dyson, 2005; Russell, 2005). Its trappings include unique clothing, music, leisure pursuits, language and attitudes toward “free time.” Despite the indelible impact Hip-Hop has made upon American and global society, the body of literature related to hip-hop and leisure is sparse. Leisure researchers (Fox 2000, 2006; Lashua & Fox, 2006; Philipp, 2000; Zuefle, 2006) argue that there must be a thorough examination of leisure and its constructs through the cultural experience of the Hip Hop generation. For example, the slang word „chillin‟ can be used synonymously with classical definitions of leisure to define the state of “being at leisure” or can be utilized as a construct. Data were collected from non-leisure studies majors at a Southern university (n=70) in the United States, and also from students attending high schools in the southern part of the United States (n=90). The research instrument consisted of demographic information and an open-ended question section. Data were analyzed using SPSS, QDA Miner, and WordStat. The findings showed a strong connection with the word „chillin‟ which is affiliated with the slang terminology used in the hip-hop culture.

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