Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Child and Family Studies

Major Professor

Ella J. Day

Committee Members

Elizabeth L. Speer, Druzilla Kent


(From the Introduction) The extensive development in the physical and biological sciences, according to Flora Rose of Cornell, has resulted in more momentous changes in our environment than had occurred in the previous history of mankind. It is unfortunate, however, that during this same period few developments have been brought about in the social sciences. Because of this, our relationship to our environment and to each other is often unbalanced. Our ways of thinking, feeling, and acting have not changed to meet these new conditions. Thus, our behavior patterns belong to a simpler social organization than the complex one in which we are living; when we have tried to adapt ourselves to new situations, it has resulted in many difficulties and confusion/ This is especially true of young people in educational institutions, and the task of helping them to become better adjusted is one of vast importance.

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