Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Kelley A. Strohacker

Committee Members

David R. Bassett Jr., Eugene C. Fitzhugh


Purpose: To determine the impact of music tempo on self-selected exercise intensity in untrained women. Methods: Untrained women (N= 13) age (M= 26.0 SD= 7.8 years) performed a graded exercise test to determine peak oxygen consumption (VO2) and ventilatory threshold (VT). During a separate session, participants completed three 10-minute bouts of aerobic exercise on an upright cycle ergometer under the conditions of no music (NM), medium tempo music (MT), and fast tempo music (FT). Intensity (%VO2-at-VT) was self-selected in all conditions. To test the primary outcome, an ANOVA was used to assess differences in intensity between conditions. Results: No significant differences were found between self-selected intensities between conditions (NM= 98.4±15.8 %VO2-at-VT, MT= 99.1±13.3 %VO2-at-VT, FT= 99.8±12.0 %VO2-at-VT, F(2,24)= 0.40, p=0.96). Conclusion: Music tempo alone may not be sufficient to impact self-selected exercise intensity in untrained women.

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