Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture



Major Professor

Ted Shelton

Committee Members

Brian Ambroziak, Max Robinson


This thesis is an investigation of interior space and its incorporation of the exterior environment. The cyclical changes of the exterior environment can be controlled within interior space, providing for the occupant temporal experiences of light, temperature, noise, and weather. By incorporating these cyclical changes, interior space is given life, providing a reference to experience a changing environment. This thesis will be explored at the frontier where interior and exterior environments meet through a study of external walls and aperture. The design project is a Roman Catholic Church. Catholic worship and church design incorporate water, light, and acoustics. This thesis will investigate the potential of aperture and temporality to emphasize the use of these elements and invigorate sacred space by engaging the exterior. The project is located at Meads Quarry in South Knoxville. The old marble quarry is a sequence of three distinct quarries. Each has its own unique characteristics of water, shade, and light providing opportunity to investigate interior space situated in particular exterior environments.

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Architecture Commons