Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



Major Professor

Kate L. Jones

Committee Members

Robert Grzywacz, Marianne Breinig


Transfer reactions in inverse kinematics have provided critical information in the study of exotic nuclei. However, transfer reactions with charged particles suffer from poor resolution. The measurement of gamma-rays offers several advantages: they provide not only good resolution in measurements but also other information about the nuclei like lifetimes of unstable states. The combination of these two methods would be the ideal situation to gather information about nuclear structure.

HAGRiD, which stands for The Hybrid Array of Gamma Ray Detectors, is a LaBr3(Ce) [lanthanum bromide crystal with a cerium activator] scintillation array to measure gamma rays from transfer reactions and decay experiments. The coupling of HAGRiD with other devices that measure charged particles will permit the combination of both methods.

The evolution and testing of a frame for the mounting of HAGRiD will be presented here. This frame will allow the combination of HAGRiD with other devices to achieve the measurement of gamma-rays and charged particles in coincidence.

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