Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Agriculture and Extension Education

Major Professor

George W. Weigers

Committee Members

Curtis H. Shelton, Elbert C. Henson


Importance of the Study: Many people are responsible for conducting programs of vocational agriculture in East Tennessee. Some of the key personnel involved are the administrators of the school systems. Knowledge of their commendations and recommendations will be of considerable value to teachers of vocational agriculture, teacher trainers, and state supervisors of vocational agriculture in planning their programs. Their cooperation and backing can be more effectively sought with the knowledge of their appraisals, recommendations and understandings of the program. Proper application of this knowledge will make for a more effective vocational agriculture program in East Tennessee. It will serve as a guide for similar studies with the same or other personnel in the school systems. It has served as an invaluable means of in-service training for the writer in preparation for further teaching in the field of vocational agriculture.

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