Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Human Ecology

Major Professor

Elizabeth Lacey Speer

Committee Members

Drujillia Kent, Betty Michell


Introduction: This study is an analysis of the expenditures of approximately 550 Tennessee families classified by age, occupation, and sex groups for clothing purchased, ready-to-wear and made-at-home, during the year 1932 - 1933. The data were collected during the time between August, 1933, and May, 1934, and referred to the year previous.

The survey method was used for this study, which is part of the Tennessee Living Study. Questionnaires were used for the recording of the data and were filled in by special workers during visits with the families. While the author of this study, did not make the form for the questionnaire, nor collect any of the data, she made this analysis of the information concerning clothing.

With the exception of Hardin County, the study is limited to families having 4, 5, or 6 members living at home. It is made entirely of small groups of families living close together under similar conditions. It is a study of the individual clothing expenditures of men and women, classified by age, by occupation of the family, and by sex.

In the Appendix is found a list of the counties and the number of families in each county included in the study.

It is hoped that the data herein may be of importance to heads of families, to teachers of home economics, and to others interested in clothing and textile problems.

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