Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science

Major Professor

Dr. Carl T. Cox

Committee Members

Dorothy E. Ryan & Lucile Deaderick


This study was undertaken to evaluate library services available for Tennessee's senior citizens. The specific objectives were to discover the extent of available library services for Tennessee's senior citizens and to make recommendations for improving the services. Data was obtained from the four Tennessee metropolitan public library directors and the 12 Tennessee regional directors by means of a questionnaire.

The results from this questionnaire were tallied, tabulated, and analyzed. Results were: (1) all services for senior citizens are a part of the adult departments, (2) personnel in charge of services vary from professional staff members to clerical staff members, (3) more services are offered to senior citizens as individuals than as groups, (4) senior citizens receive better services in the library building than outside the library building, (5) most Tennessee public library systems supply materials to other community agencies working with senior citizens, (6) no special financial aid is available for services to senior citizens, and (7) additional services include taking books to individual senior citizens.

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