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Master of Science



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A. J. Johnston

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Priscilla Jantz, Ira M, Chiles


Importance of the study: This study is important because it will provide information to students of Cocke County history, particularly to those interested in the field of secondary education, show possibilities for curriculum improvement in the schools, and point out forces that have influenced the curriculum in the past and will have influence in the future; give present day educator in Cocke County a time perspective to his tasks and the day-by-day problems that he faces.

This survey of events may be used to develop fruitful generalizations from past experiences to act as controls for behavior in the present and future. A historical study such as this one may contribute to the understanding of contemporary problems, detect fads and frills, and act as a solvent for pedagogical prejudices. The writer intends to throw a light on the current problems, and to present facts which may be applied to social situations, or to the interests, activities, and problems of educational workers.

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