Masters Theses

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Music



Major Professor

Kenneth A. Jacobs

Committee Members

Brendan McConville, Daniel Cloutier


Augmentation of Delusion is a single-movement piece for chamber orchestra composed by Chris L. Adams. The piece was originally written for a four-person percussion ensemble in 2013 and orchestrated in 2014. This document will analyze the major musical elements of form, harmony, melody, rhythm and meter, and genre of the piece, as well as compare and contrast these variables with other composers’ works.

Music theory terminology and figures will be applied in this document as follows:

1. Set theory functions will be expressed as:
a. Normal order indicated by brackets – [2367]
b. Prime form indicated by parentheses – (0145)

2. Non-diatonic scale forms will be expressed as:
a. Scale name plus first (or first two) pitch class(es) in parentheses
i. Aug (0, 1) – augmented scale starting with C and D-flat/C#
ii. WT (1) – whole-tone scale starting on D-flat/C#

3. Interval-class vectors will be expressed as:
a. Vectors indicated by chevrons
i. <303630>

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