Masters Theses

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Master of Science


Life Sciences

Major Professor

Walter R. Farkas

Committee Members

Daniel C. White, Charles C. Cogdon


The total amount of mRNA recovered from Pb2+-treated rabbits was not significantly influenced by lead but dose-dependent loss of template activity of the poly A+ fraction was observed. These observations lead to the conclusion that the messenger RNA of rabbit reticulocytes exposed to Pb2+ in vivo was damaged and inactivated without extensive depolymerization of the mRNA.

In vitro experiments on the effect of Pb2+ on purified rabbit globin mRNA were also performed. After incubation with Pb2+ at micromolar concentrations, the 7-methyl guanosine cap was removed from the mRNA, while damage to the remainder of the molecule seems to be slight. These data indicate that Pb2+ causes the loss of the template activity of reticulocyte mRNA in vivo by causing a nucleolytic cleavage of the mRNA at or near to the 5' cap.

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