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Master of Arts



Major Professor

Charles H. Faulkner

Committee Members

Jeff Chapman, C. R. McCollough


East Tennessee projectile points, previously described as the Early Woodland period Candy Creek type, are analyzed. Through the intensive examination of 17 continuous attributes and three discrete attributes reflecting morphology, function and manufacturing techniques, 112 of these East Tennessee projectile points are compared with 46 Dalton and Quad projectile points from northern Alabama and 37 Hardaway-Dalton projectile points from the Piedmont of North Carolina. As a result of the observations and a linear discriminant function program, it is determined that the Candy Creek projectile point is a regional variant of the Dalton projectile point type. Dalton manifestations described in the literature and the significant of the newly identified East Tennessee Dalton projectile point variant are summarized.

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Anthropology Commons