Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Experimental Psychology

Major Professor

Joel F. Lubar

Committee Members

Lowell Gaertner, Deborah Baldwin


This study examines the efficacy of a recently developed methodology of spatial-specific neurofeedback training in the cognitive division of the anterior cingulate gyrus and describes its relationship with cortical regions known to be involved in executive functions and attentional processes. This study was conducted with eight non-clinical students, four male and four female, with a mean age of twenty-two. Exclusion criteria consisted of prior head trauma, neurological or psychiatric disorders, medications and recent drug or alcohol use. Learning occurred in the ACcd at significant levels over sessions and in the anterior regions that receive projections from the AC. There appears to be a multi-dimensional executive circuit that increases in the same frequency in apparent synchrony with the AC and it may be possible to activate this circuit by training one cortical region using LNFB.

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Included in

Psychology Commons