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Master of Science



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Allison Daniel Anders

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Robert Kronick, Barbara Thayer-Bacon


A review of current literature and research written from the voices of immigrant students was conducted. An emphasis was placed on how immigrant students navigate through the school system as represented through their particular voices and experiences. Research came from ethnographies and research articles that were written from the perspectives and voices of immigrant students. The review helped to answer questions regarding what were some of the challenges immigrant students faced as they navigated through the public educational system. Also, were there similarities or differences in the challenges faced by immigrant students that came from different countries and different racial climates? The immigrant students’ articulated challenges and factors faced were then analyzed using Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of cultural and social capital, along with the work of Tara Yosso and her complications of Bourdieu’s theories. Lastly, implications were drawn from the work that could aid school personnel with immigrant students. Suggestions were given for teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, and policy makers on how this research can be used in the future to help immigrant students succeed in our public educational system.

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