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Master of Arts


Wildlife and Fisheries Science

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Edwin B. Conor

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George Bentley


In this discussion we have tried to show the ecological distribution of the animals of Mount LeConte and along LeConte Creek, by first giving a brief description of the Great Smoky Mountains in general, its vegetation, and a number of animals that are known to be present in their various habitats.

A more detailed description of LeConte Creek has been attempted, and the area has been zoned according to the kind of vegetation that appears to be dominant.

A detailed discussion of the methods and technique are given to enable the reader to surmise the immensity of the problem attacked.

The animals peculiar to the various zones have been discussed briefly.

The animal dominant in the Balsam Zone seems to be the Red-gilled salamander, Plethodon jordani; that of the Birch Zone, a snail, the species not determined; that of the Transitional Zone, a large semi-aquatic drab-colored salamander, Desmognathus sp.; and that of the Chestnut Zone, snails, most of which are of the genus Helix.

As a whole, the animals of LeConte are scarce compared to those of the lower altitudes, but in general a great number exist in their various habitats.

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