Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

Ken McCown

Committee Members

Scott Wall, David Matthews


There are thousands of pages of technical argumentation on lighting. We could say that there is already a legacy of technical lighting. It is the result of the activity of technically oriented people. In the 1900, CIE was founded to research oil socks and their properties. Standardization got a huge boost in 1931 when CIE introduced international trichromatic colorimetry system, known as “CIE System”. Engineers became active in illumination engineering societies. Sadly, the more visual skills of the lighting designer started to ebb. The lighting design work shifted from the hands of visually oriented people to the hands of technically oriented people. Engineers have done a good job as far as the quantity and distribution of light, but lighting design is at the same time unbalanced and skewed. Because of this, projects also look technical and often suffer from lack of visual beauty. It is good to look at and study lighting with open eyes, and to not judge earlier activities, solutions, norms or recommendations. It is also good to carefully study existing solutions and their connection to technical lighting recommendations. It opens doors for better architectural lighting design solutions. Recommendations are really only recommendations, not solutions for lighting design projects. They are only one tool, which must be used very carefully. Projects late in this thesis work are good examples to help to understand recommendations and put them in the right perspective as a helping tool. This thesis work is focusing on finding back the tools for beautiful architectural lighting solutions. It is not easy task after decades in darkness and under the influence of strong technical lighting eras. Thesis is divided in 2 parts. Part 1 is the core of my Thesis in nutshell and Part 2 has more detailed information for readers who want to learn more on architectural lighting design.

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