Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Civil Engineering

Major Professor

A. T. Granger

Committee Members

C. R. Walker, E. J. Fabian



Since it is definitely known that all trussed structures with riveted joints are subjected to secondary stresses, it seemed desirable to investigate the effects of such stress in gusset plates. As previously stated, the term "secondary stresses" as used herein mean those stresses resulting from flexural moments produced in the plane of the truss by the resistance of the joints to free rotation. Therefore, the purpose of this investigation is to study the magnitude and distribution of secondary stresses in gusset plates. Specifically, the purpose is to:

a. Determine the general secondary stress distribution in gusset plates,

b. Determine the maximum intensity of secondary stress and its location,

c. Develop, if possible, a satisfactory method of determining the gusset plate stresses from calculated secondary shears, moments, and axial loads,

d. Compare the maximum intensity and location of secondary stresses with the intensity and location of primary stresses.

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Engineering Commons