Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts



Major Professor

Dr. David G. Anderson

Committee Members

Dr. Boyce N. Driskell, Dr. Kandace Hollenbach


The lithic debitage excavated from units where pre-Clovis material was found were analyzed using mass analysis as well as individual flake analysis. Statistical analyses were performed to test whether or not the assemblages associated with known occupation were similar to those associated with pre-Clovis levels. No significant difference was observed between the physical attributes of the lithic debitage found within strata associated with known prehistoric populations and the lithics found within pre-Clovis aged deposits. Two alternate explanations for these patterns exist: one which argues for the presence of a legitimate pre-Clovis occupation at the Topper Site and the other citing downward movement and/or fluvial processes to account for the presence of debitage below Clovis strata. Future research will be needed to resolve which of these best explains the cultural materials found in pre-Clovis aged deposits at the site.

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