Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture



Major Professor

John M. McRae

Committee Members

John M. McRae, Mary Beth Robinson, Scott Poole


The healthcare industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift in the delivery of care; it is moving from a system that treats illness to one that prevents disease and promotes wellness. The goal of this thesis is to present a design solution that is an example of what a healthcare facility of the future can be. The design presented in this document is one that demonstrates the attributes for a successful healthcare environment; one which allows the programmatic functions of a primary care clinic, an education center, and a fitness center to function as an integrated wellness platform facility.

By focusing on the principles of generative space, in which the quality of an environment improves through the interaction of the users of the space, the ideas presented in this design demonstrate how the built environment can better individuals, as well as communities, overall wellness. The site was strategically chosen so that the building is readily accessible to multiple populations and design choices were made so that the building engages the community and draws them onto the site and into the facility thus promoting the wellness program. By presenting a healthcare setting that is a stress free environment that promotes social interaction, physical activity, and making healthy lifestyle choices, it improves the wellness of the members and aids in preventing future illnesses.

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Architecture Commons