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Master of Science



Major Professor

C. A. Buehler

Committee Members

Judson H. Robertson, P. M. Hamner


It has been known for a long period of time that two saturated organic compounds are capable of uniting to form a molecular or addition compound. This being true, the idea of the present valence theory must be modified. Of the newer theories advanced by numerous investigators none seems to entirely solve the problem. It remains for someone to present a theory which will explain the linkage of all addition compounds. With this as the ultimate aim, a series of investigations is being conducted in this laboratory in an endeavor to give more accurate information concerning the formation of addition compounds. The first investigation of this nature, which was conducted by Alice Heap, was followed by that of Ferris U. Foster, J. C. Lowery, Wm. H. Lockwood, Alan Hisey, and Jesse H. Wood. When this series of researches on addition compounds is completed, it is hoped that more accurate information on the subject will be available and this would lead to a better understanding of the formation of these compounds.


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