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Master of Science



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Aaron J. Sharp

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In September, 1951, a study of the Ethnobotany of the Cherokee Indians was suggested to the writer as the subject for his Master of Science thesis at the University of Tennessee, by Dr. Aaron J. Sharp. The idea met with immediate enthusiasm for a number of reasons.

The reserch [sic] involved in such a study would necessarily deal with people as well as plants, thus combining the writer's greatest interests. The project would also afford an excellent opportunity to work in close contact with a bontanically [sic] rich area, thus enabling the writer to strengthen his knowledge of nature.

Work on the problem did not actually begin until some seven months later. In the intervening period, however, preparatory work was undertaken. The writer enrolled in Anthropology courses at the aforementioned institution. Herein were gleaned concepts which helped in the gathering of factual data, suggested same of the dynamics of the culture under onservation [sic], rounded the discussions appearing in the appendix and aided immeasurably in the writer's understanding of the Cherokee Indians.

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