Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Landscape Architecture


Landscape Architecture

Major Professor

Samuel Rogers

Committee Members

Dr. Tim Ezzell, Curtis Stewart, Ken McCown


Gateway communities are the towns, cities, and communities that border public lands such as national and state parks, wildlife refuges, forests, historic sites, wilderness areas, national forests, and other public lands. They offer scenic beauty and a high quality of life that attracts millions of Americans looking to escape traffic congestion, fast tempo and uniformity of cities and suburbs. Gateway communities provide food, lodging, and business for Americans on their way to public lands. They serve as portals to public lands and therefore play an important role in defining the park, forest, or wilderness experience for many visitors. Their beauty, high quality of life, and economic benefits do not come easy. Gateway communities face challenges related to managing growth and development, providing economic prosperity, and preserving their character and sense of place. Parksville, TN is located in extreme southeast Tennessee and is a gateway community to the Cherokee National Forest and the Ocoee River, one of the premier whitewater rivers in the eastern United States. Many rural gateway communities, like Parksville, lack planning and growth strategies. For this reason, among others, they are particularly vulnerable to haphazard growth and development that threaten their economic potential as well as their character and sense of place. The struggles, problems, opportunities, and solutions for gateway communities are explored in this thesis to determine planning and design mechanisms applicable to Parksville. The product of this thesis is a master plan for growth and development as well as conservation and preservation. Embedded in the plan are strategies and mechanisms to build upon and improve the local economy and safeguard natural, cultural, and historic resources. “Proactive Stewardship Planning” is suggested as a useful term to accomplish these ideals.

Attachment 1_Aerial and Project Boundary.pdf (3762 kB)
Attachment 1-Aerial Images

Attachment 2_Aerial and Project Boundary.pdf (3762 kB)
Attachment 2_Aerial Image and Boundary

Attachment 3_Hydrology Inventory and Analysis.pdf (5728 kB)
Attachment 3-Hydrology Inventory and Analysis

Attachment 4_Soil Inventory.pdf (1131 kB)
Attachment 4-Soil Inventory

Attachment 5_Prime Soils.pdf (3815 kB)
Attachment 5-Prime Soils

Attachment 6_Soil Use and Suitability.pdf (3294 kB)
Attachment 6-Soil Use and Suitability

Attachment 7_Slope Analysis.pdf (1800 kB)
Attachment 7-Slope Analysis

Attachment 8_Slope Suitability Analysis.pdf (2446 kB)
Attachment 8-Slope Suitability Analysis

Attachment 9_Cultural and Historic Resources.pdf (4924 kB)
Attachment 9-Cultural and Historical Resources

Attachment 10_Cultural Resources Images.pdf (45888 kB)
Attachment 10-Images of Cultural and Historic Resources

Attachment 11_Existing Vegetation and Wildlife Corridors.pdf (2093 kB)
Attachment 11-Existing Vegetation and Wildlife Corridors

Attachment 12 Viewpoints w_water.pdf (5388 kB)
Attachment 12-Viewpoints Analyzed

Attachment 13 Viewshed Analysis Sheet 1_Cropped.pdf (17666 kB)
Attachment 13-Viewshed Criteria and Analysis Sheet 1

Attachment 14 Viewshed Analysis Sheet 2.pdf (4147 kB)
Attachment 14-Viewshed Analysis Sheet 2

Attachment 15 Green Infrastructure Diagram one sheet.pdf (1789 kB)
Attachment 15-Green Infrastructure Diagram

Attachment 16 Existing Land Use.pdf (1996 kB)
Attachment 16-Existing Land Use

Original Route Proposals.pdf (718 kB)
Attachment 17-Original Corridor K Route Alternatives

Attachment 18 Green Infrastructure Diagram Final Plan.pdf (2490 kB)
Attachment 18-Green Infrastructure Elements Plan

Attachment 19 Plan Final_Reduced file size.pdf (1358 kB)
Attachment 19-Master Plan

Attachment 20 Hwy 64 Section 2 at Village.pdf (235 kB)
Attachment 20-Corridor K Proposed Design Section 1

Attachment 21 Hwy 64 Section 1.pdf (428 kB)
Attachment 21-Corridor K Proposed Design Section 2

Attachment 22 Proposed Circulation.pdf (161 kB)
Attachment 22-Proposed Circulation Plan

Attachment 23 Walkability.pdf (695 kB)
Attachment 23-Walkability

Attachment 24 Proposed Land Use.pdf (1010 kB)
Attachment 24-Proposed Land Use Plan

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