Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Jerzy Dydak

Committee Members

Nikolay Brodskiy, Stefan Richter, Mark Hector


We begin by recalling the notion of a coarse space as defined by John Roe. We show that metrizability of coarse spaces is a coarse invariant. The concepts of bounded geometry, asymptotic dimension, and Guoliang Yu's Property A are investigated in the setting of coarse spaces. In particular, we show that bounded geometry is a coarse invariant, and we give a proof that finite asymptotic dimension implies Property A in this general setting. The notion of a metric approximation is introduced, and a characterization theorem is proved regarding bounded geometry.

Chapter 7 presents a discussion of coarse structures on the minimal uncountable ordinal. We show that it is a nonmetrizable coarse space not of bounded geometry. Moreover, we show that this space has asymptotic dimension 0; hence, it has Property A.

Finally, Chapter 8 regards coarse structures on products of coarse spaces. All of the previous concepts above are considered with regard to 3 different coarse structures analogous to the 3 different topologies on products in topology. In particular, we see that an arbitrary product of spaces with any of the 3 coarse structures with asymptotic dimension 0 has asymptotic dimension 0.

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