Doctoral Dissertations

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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

George D. Swingle

Committee Members

E. E. Stansbury, Paris B. Stockdale, Robert E. McLaughlin, Harry J. Klepser


Purpose and Scope of the Investigation:

Several workers, as indicated in the following section, have commented upon the geology of the Flag Pond Quadrangle, but none have mapped or studied the area in detail--nor indeed, much of the adjacent region. Consequently, the purpose of this investigation is to obtain a comprehensive picture of the geology of the quadrangle.

The geology of the quadrangle is divisible into two natural units or parts, each with problems unique unto itself. The first of these units is the crystalline complex, the second is the sedimentary sequence which rests upon the crystalline rocks. The purpose of this study with regard to the crystalline group is first to determine the character of these rocks and to delineate mappable units within them. Secondly, an attempt is made to establish the chronological and structural relationships of the mappable units. Finally tentative conclusions as to the origin and history of the crystalline complex are presented. The study of the crystalline rocks of the area is based exclusively on field examination and thin-section analysis. Laboratory investigations of the crystalline rocks are beyond the scope of this investigation.

The sedimentary rocks have been studied, subdivided and described by various workers at several localities outside the Flag Pond area. This study is concerned with the stratigraphy of the Flag Pond area, the character and distribution of the formations, their relationship to other rock units, and, finally, their geologic history. A few representative thin sections of each formation were studied.


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