Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration

Major Professor

John T. Mentzer

Committee Members

C. John Langley, Robert T. Ladd, Raymond A. Mundy


The purpose of this dissertation was to empirically test a theory based model of forecasting management value. The model was constructed to evaluate the influences of four dimensions of forecasting management; functional integration, approach, system, and performance measurement, on forecasting management performance. The model then assessed the impact of forecasting management performance on the dependent variable of logistics performance.

The research design incorporated a mail survey methodology and required paired responses from two individuals in each organization, a logistics manager and a forecasting manager. The logistics manager was asked to respond to questions regarding forecasting management performance and logistics performance. They were also asked to identify the person responsible for forecasting management in their company. The forecasting manager was asked to respond to questions regarding each of four dimensions of forecasting management. The final test consisted of an initial mailing to approximately 1200 logistics managers and ultimately resulted in a total of 216 paired responses.

Findings supported two of the five hypothesized relationships. Three additional relationships were not supported. The overall fit of the forecasting management value model was supported by a comparative fit index (CFI) of .942.

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