Doctoral Dissertations

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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Walter Herndon


In the present study, an intensive biosystematic investigation of the North American Cimicifugahas been undertaken. An attempt has been made to distinguish clearly the existing species and biotypes. Specimens have been borrowed from a number of major herbaria and studied. In addition, populations of six of the seven recognized North American taxa have been observed and sampled in the field.

Eurasian Cimicifugahave been studied less intensively because of language difficulties, lack of field data, and number and condition of specimens. Specimens of these exotic species have been borrowed from major North American herbaria and also from herbaria abroad. Attempts to obtain specimens from the Chinese mainland by loan have been unsuccessful.

Some collections possibly important nomenclaturally were not available from Japan.

Descriptions and keys have been made, possible relationships, distribution comparisons, and phytogeographical aspects have been discussed and suggestions for future research proposed. Methods for distinguishing between Cimicifuga and several other genera have been outlined. Thus, several biosystematic techniques, including a biometrical analysis in one instance, have been used in this study.

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