Doctoral Dissertations

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Doctor of Philosophy


Life Sciences

Major Professor

Rachel Patton McCord

Committee Members

Rachel Patton McCord, Tongye Shen, Mariano Labrador, Tian Hong, Amir Sadovnik


Over the past decade, single-cell technologies evolved from profiling hundreds of cells to millions of cells, and emerged from a single modality of data to cover multiple views at single-cell resolution, including genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and so on. With advance of these single-cell technologies, the booming of multimodal single-cell data creates a valuable resource for us to understand cellular heterogeneity and molecular mechanism at a comprehensive level. However, the large-scale multimodal single-cell data also presents a huge computational challenge for insightful integrative analysis. Here, I will lay out problems in data integration that single-cell research community is interested in and introduce computational principles for solving these integration problems. In the following chapters, I will present four computational methods for data integration under different scenarios. Finally, I will discuss some future directions and potential applications of single-cell data integration.

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