Doctoral Dissertations

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Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy


Counselor Education

Major Professor

Casey Barrio Minton

Committee Members

Joel Diambra, Melinda Gibbons, R. Eric Heidel, Jennifer A. Morrow


Counselor educators and supervisors have an ethical duty to monitor client welfare and student counselor development, but the tools and processes programs put in place may miss the mark. This dissertation proposes deliberate practice and assessment improvement as avenues for counselor educators to leverage existing skills and resources for the benefit of clients and students. In the first manuscript, deliberate practice is proposed as a framework which can unify the various methods and teaching practices which have proliferated over the history of counselor education. This manuscript reviews the literate surrounding counselor skill development and deliberate practice and provides examples of how these methods can be implemented together. The second manuscript explores existing methods of evaluating students in field experiences. Data from an existing student assessment is analyzed through several psychometric lenses to identify common pitfalls and problems which may affect the quality of student evaluation. Taken together, these manuscripts advance ideas about how counselor educators can improve important facets of counselor education

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