Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Hyun Kim

Committee Members

Eugene C. Fitzhugh, Yingjie Hu, Shih-Lung Shaw


Throughout the dissertation, network methods are developed to address pressing issues in transportation science and geography. These methods are applied to case studies to highlight their use for urban planners and social scientists working in transportation, mobility, housing, and health. The first chapter introduces novel network robustness measures for multi-line networks. This work will provide transportation planners a new tool for evaluating the resilience of transportation systems with multiple lines to failures. The second chapter explores optimizing network connectivity to maximize the number of nodes within a given distance to a focal node while minimizing the number and length of additional connections. These methods can be used to identify optimal thoroughfare design around important facilities, such as schools. The third chapter utilizes the network optimization heuristics presented in Chapter 2 to identify the impact of thoroughfare connectivity on student active commuting. Housing developers can incorporate these findings when planning new residential developments around schools. The dissertation concludes with future directions in this research domain.

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