Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Sheng Dai

Committee Members

Michael D. Best, Robert M. Counce, Bin Zhao


Ionic liquids are a class of promising materials that show potential as electrolytes, solvents, and absorbents. Designing and synthesizing task-specific ionic liquids for specific purposes are required for the further development of this technology. We designed and synthesized a series of functionalized ionic liquids for applications such as gas absorption, electrolyte, and catalysis. Guanidine-derived ionic liquids were successfully synthesized as an extension of our group’s previous research. However, this ionic liquid showed no response towards CO2. An amidine-functionalized ionic liquid was then designed. A new method, a modified Pinner reaction, was developed for the synthesis of amidines under basic conditions, side reactions were utterly avoided. An α-oximehydrazone zwitterion type ionic liquid was the ionic liquid that had an excellent activity towards CO2. However, it suffers from a vital drawback that it decomposes during gas desorption process. Polymerized viologen-type ionic materials were discovered to have catalytic activities in selective oxidizing thioanisoles and benzoyl alcohols. The mechanism of this process is unclear so far. In this thesis, a non-ionic liquid project- "A Linear Crystalline Porous Organic Polymer" is discussed. So far, none of a polymer was found to have linearity, crystallinity and porosity three properties at the same time.

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