Doctoral Dissertations

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Industrial Engineering

Major Professor

Mingzhou Jin

Committee Members

Sachin U. Nimbalkar, Oleg Shylo, Robert M. Counce


This work is a compendium of different sustainability analysis on new technologies. The first chapter performed a Life Cycle Analysis of a biofuel process where pine woodchips are used to create SynGas. The study was done using a 10 tons gasifier, the mass balance of the reaction and an input/output analysis. All the data obtained was input into a freeware LCA software and the results were compared to the use of regular produced natural gas. The second chapter creates a benchmark of energy intensity and presents a case using binder jetting technology. Different Additive Manufacturing technologies energy intensity was reported, when possible a NIST artifact created to standardize measurements for AM was used. The third Chapter used three aerospace parts to compare new designs for Additive Manufacturing and their energy impact to conventional manufacturing processes. For this analysis the ORNL energy impact assessment tool was used.

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