Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Mike W. Gudiry

Committee Members

John Quinn, Raphael Hix, Carl Sundberg, Kate Jones


A new tracer particle implementation has been developed for the 2D supernova code ”CHIMERA”. 2D supernova simulations have been performed for a wide range of progenitors, between 10 and 25 solar mass. In the case of the Heger12 model, we have obtained a successful explosion. Analysis of the tracer particle data generated by supernova simulations reveals the aspherical geometry of the ejecta. Using the hydrodynamic trajectories provided by the tracer particles, we have performed the nucleosynthesis calculations in the post processing approximation, including the effects of neutrino captures, to understand the nucleosynthesis consequences of these models.

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Nuclear Commons