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Doctor of Philosophy



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Aaron J. Sharp

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Royal E. Shanks, Fred H. Norris, Helen L. Ward, James Tanner


[From Introduction]

The objects of the study are to understand more fully the relationship of the species of Saxifraga in this area to each other and to hypothesize their relationship to the rest of the genus. Six species have been reported in the Southern Appalachians: Saxifraga micranthidifolia (Haw.) Britt., S. virginiensis Michx., S. michauxii Britt., S. careyana Gray, S. caroliniana Gray, and S. tennesseensis Small. All of these species except S. virginiensis seem to be endemic to these mountains and to have affinities to representatives of the genus in western North America, Europe, and the boreal and arctic regions of the world. It is felt that the true relationship of the Southern Appalachian species to the rest of the genus will not be fully understood until the entire genus, or at least the sections of the genus to which they belong, is studied thoroughly using all of the methods of modern taxonomy.

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