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Doctor of Philosophy



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Donald Dickinson

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Sandra Twardosz, Thomas W. George, Katherine Greenberg


Four day-care teachers were introduced to Methods of Mothering: Training in Parenting Styles (MOM:TIPS), which is a parent-training program that has never been used with teachers. Modules addressing Self-Management, Disciplining/Monitoring, Nurturing, and Teaching Concepts were presented in an inservice training. Four workshops and available one-to-one consultations occurred over the period of one month. Each teacher was evaluated as a single-case in an A-B design using direct observations and self-report questionnaires.

With Self-Management, each teacher reported that she makes daily schedules and follows a routine, but Teachers A, D indicated that they rarely or never used the steps involving more methodical, record-keeping methods. With Disciplining/Monitoring, Teachers B, C showed modest increases in Catching Good Behavior. With Nurturing, Teachers A, B were observed Smiling and engaging in Active Contact more often; Teacher C showed higher percentages of Active and Passive Contact during the Training Period. Teacher B’s increases continued at Follow-Up. A Spearman’s rho analysis found significant correlations between children’s positive responses and certain affectionate behaviors with each teacher. With Teaching Concepts, Teachers A, D used each step during Baseline; Teachers B, C were observed implementing the steps either during Training or Follow-Up. Each self-report indicated frequent implementation of most of the strategies and that overall teaching styles were generally congruent with MOM:TIPS. Methodological limitations are addressed and recommendations are provided.

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