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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Schuyler W. Huck

Committee Members

Lance Laurence, Katherine Greenberg, John Peters


This study is dedicated to the search and love of wisdom. It argues that wisdom should be the common philosopher’s and the practical educator’s primary guide in emotional education. It challenges the limits of the epistemology of scientific research. It suggests that love primarily for knowledge could be problematic when wisdom is neglected. The continued collaborative practice of enhancing emotion regulation through the insights gained from the interactive wisdom of practical and formal experiences is encouraged.

Not only do we know more than we can measure or can tell, but we need to take the responsibility to act with wisdom even when we do not know. Education cannot always wait for the known; therefore, educators must encourage wisdom in being and becoming. Measuring abilities and refining concepts has perhaps dominated our intellectual attention. A “scholarship of awareness” and a “rigor of consciousness” are suggested as important practices in pursuing what might exist our knowledge of words and abilities to measure. An art in educational discourse is suggested and demonstrated in a unique sharing of educational insights.

Certainly more questions are raised than answers provided. Suggestions for continued personal and professional development are shared as contextually limited and requiring reasonable judgement. The author invites the reader into reflection and self-questioning in regards to his/her own epistemology of education and research.

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