Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Sheng Dai

Committee Members

Craig Barnes, Bin Zhao, Hong Guo


The selective separation of ions from aqueous solutions has been a difficult challenge to address in the separation sciences. The difficulties associated with selective separations of ions are due to a multitude of chemical and physical differences between them. Additionally, the term ions encompass both positively charged cations and their counter parts the negatively charge anions. The work covered in this dissertation discusses the difficulties encountered during the selective separation of both oxoanions and cations. Apart from the Introduction Chapter 1 and Conclusion Chapter 10, the selective separations oxoanions and cations will be discussed separately with the dissertation being divided into two sets of chapters. While the overarching theme of this dissertation is the selective separations of ions, the means and methods utilized to achieve these separations are divergent, to the point that it is necessary to divide them into individual sets of chapters in order to reduce the chance of confusion. The selective separation of oxoanions will be covered from Chapter 2-6, while the selective separation of cations particularly the f-block elements the actinides and lanthanides is discussed in Chapter 7-9. In this work, much focus is given to the use of the techniques of solvent extraction and crystallization which are used as a means of achieving a selective separation of either anions or cations.

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