Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



Major Professor

Pamela Angelle

Committee Members

Mary Lynne Derrington, Jo Ann Cady, Karen D. Boyd


This narrative inquiry examined the perceptions of administrators in facilitating change and establishing a positive culture in a new school. This study was guided by the theoretical framework of Lewin’s (1951) force field theory. Data were collected qualitatively through interviews with six administrators who led the opening of the new school. The time period for the study focused prior to the school opening and throughout the first year the new school was opened. Data revealed administrators facilitated change in a new school through establishing trust, blending of staff, and the leadership attributes of the administrator. Administrators built a positive culture by demonstrating a commitment to creating buy-in, developing a vision, and strategically hiring. Implications for practitioners and policy makers regarding the opening of new schools were also discussed. Recommendations for future studies involving new schools were proposed.

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Education Commons