Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Materials Science and Engineering

Major Professor

George M. Pharr

Committee Members

Yanfei Gao, T.G. Nieh, Sudarsanam S. Babu


Existing literature data on the creep behavior of superprotonic solid acids, which is important for their use in fuel cell applications, is scant and unreliable. Steady state creep behavior for the model material system cesium hydrogen sulfate (CHS) is probed using nanoindentation and corroborated using uniaxial compression testing. To facilitate nanoindentation creep result interpretation, a radial flow model of power law indentation creep is developed. This model is compared with the related model from Bower, et. al. for several pre-existing literature datasets showing that the nonlinear, steady state creep law underpinning both appears valid for power law indentation creep.

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